The crèche is a supplementary family service.

The child should...

  • develop his or her own personality
  • experience diversity and cultural variety as an enrichment
  • feel attentiveness and empathy
  • experience respect and consideration
  • develop himself a harmonious environment
  • be encouraged to act independently and resolve conflicts
  • pursue their interests and curiosity independently
  • sharpen their ability to judge
  • to be given space for creative and creative activities


These goals are achieved...

  • by trained early childhood educators, childcare specialists, nursery school teachers, apprentices and trainees
  • in mixed age groups
  • through gender-neutral education and support
  • through intensive contact with parents
  • through a focus on the German language 

Cooperation with the parents

Exchange of information and cooperation between the educators and the parents are important. There should be room for everyone's concerns: the needs of the children, the concerns of the parents and the possibilities of the crèche. Suggestions, questions, ideas, criticisms and constructive proposals from parents are met with the greatest possible openness. 


The "University of Fribourg Crèche" is run by an association within the meaning of Art. 60 of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB) with its registered office in Fribourg. The purpose of the association is the establishment and operation of a crèche for children of pre-school age. Members of the association are parents whose children attend the crèche.


The board of management consists of:

  • four representatives of the parents
  • one representative of the Rectorate
  • one representative of the academic staff of the University
  • one representative of the Association of Swiss Women Academics
  • the directors of the crèche

The operational management of the association and the crèche is the responsibility of the directors.



Financing is provided by various contributions from

  • the University of Fribourg
  • the canton of Fribourg
  • our partners NCCR / EPFL / BCF
  • the student body of the university (AGEF)
  • the Lottery Romande

A large part of the income comes from the crèche fees paid by parents, which are set according to the level their income.


Donations and collection campaigns are additional sources of income.

Donation account

Fribourg Cantonal Bank: CH38 0076 8011 0401 8670 2